Monday, July 20, 2009

Recent photos from the Peterborough Lift Lock

Hi Terry/Bob/Roy,

Just recently, we at the lock had the opportunity to climb down the old
turbine penstock shaft (which housed most of the auxiliary plant
piping), and get some pictures. These pictures include shots of some
of the components of the Taylor Air Compressor, including the bottom of
the output pipe, the baffles on the inside of the output pipe above the
road level, and the blow-off pipe. While some of these components are
corroding badly, they are still intact. As well, upon further review
of the drawings, I found the access I was looking for. There is a
manhole cover in the steel plate beneath the headpiece allowing access
to the well shaft housing the down pipe and air pipes, eventually
leading to the compression chamber room. I would love to see that one

I hope you find these pictures as interesting as I did.


P.S I was wondering if any of you have any pictures of the plant at
the PLL being installed/In operation? Or any old pictures of the PLL
plant in general?

A special "Thank you" to Jordan Tanner for these photo's. Not bad after more than 100 years of service.

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