Monday, July 20, 2009

Cobalt and Old Victoria sketches

Cobalt Sketch


Other Plants:
A 200 h.p. plant in the State of Washington has a working head of 45 ft., an induction column 260 ft. long 3 foot diameter, which compresses the air to 85 lbs. per sq. in. Water flows through the plant at the rate of 53 cu. ft. per second.

A hydraulic compressor was installed in Germany in 1907-08 at Clausthal, having a head of 325 ft. and an average flow of 792 gallons per minute. The efficiency was calculated to be 73.6%.

A large plant was installed at Norwich, Connecticut for general power purposes.
At Tarica, Peru South America a plant was installed utilizing a working head of 69 ft. The design is somewaht similar to that at Kootenay where a tower was used to supply the working head.

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