Monday, July 20, 2009

A new path - a second family account

The following account of Taylors life is taken from a submission written by Richard Hillary, Charles H. Taylors grandson. A special thank you goes out to Terry Mandzy and his wife Joan Taylor (grandaughter of Charles H Taylor) as well as to Bud (Charles) and Roy who have submitted written and verbal stories of this great Canadian.

First World War Era:

The Great War brought an end to Taylor's former line of work and a whole new industry
opened up for him. He was quick to notice the business possibilities that war offered and he entered the machine manufacturing business at the beginning of the war.

He rented 5 large warehouses in Toronto and lauched whole-heartedly into the war effort. He designed machines and utilized many of them in his own shops. In one factory he produced the large shell casings used in heavy artillery. The machines were so efficient that there were few rejects. This gave Charles a production edge over his competitors who were using out dated manufacturing methods. In another factory he manufactured the timing fuses for high explosives while in yet another factory he made the firing mechanism for field artillery.

As mentioned earlier, we know he kept in touch with his first family having made the decision to send Arthur to boarding school. After Arthur married Jeanne Piche in Montreal Charles sponsored her with the Dominion Government as noted here on Jeanne's certificate.

The date on the certifcate 1918 and the sponsors name and address are on the back.

Charles first love was the mining industry and in 1918 he was made a lifetime member of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in which he had been a chartered member for 20 years.

The war years were really the busiest years of his carrer and enabled him to enter the post war years on a very strong financial footing.

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