Monday, July 20, 2009

Cobalt - Construction cont'd

Workers in the mines and on the construction sites at the turn of the 20th century were a hardy bunch who made do with what they had. Much of their clothing and household goods would have been ordered from the Eaton's Mail Order News advertisements in the Cobalt Daily Nugget.
Water Wheel at power house
Spillway camp #5
Panoramic view Camp #5
Lumber Camp
Hound Chutes Gate Pier
Hound Chutes Canal
Hound Chutes Boat Landing
Hound Chutes Shaft
Hound Chutes Form for Powerhouse
Hoistrunners Family and Cabin
Diamond Drill at Work
Chapman's Camp
Company Mail Team
Camp #5 from #3 Shaft

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S. Lathem said...

Thanks for this entire story- the photos are incredible. What a life he lived. And you've added alot to my knowledge of the area. Thank you for sharing.