Monday, July 20, 2009

Cobalt - The Days of Construction

The accomplishments of our ancestors is made even more amazing when we stop to look at the conditions in which they worked and the tools at hand. We have to remember that these men were without benefit of mobile cranes but rather constructed dericks with which to hoist heavy materials. Calculations were done without the benefit of calculators, never mind computers. Engineers and architects worked with quill or nib pens. They dipped the pen in an ink well and drew a section of a line then dipped the pen and continued the line drawing.

Transportation of materials would have been by rail, but first they had to build the spur line. Special riggings with horse and harness would be the mode of transportation to site locations. Trees had to be cleared with two man buck saws to make way for roads and right of ways.

Building Cordoroy Road

Anchor Pier and Gate Valve, 20" Pipe Line

Company Bunk House

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Anonymous said...

I recall the location of this building. The cement anchor is still visible from the road. I believe the building was removed (well it was mostly decomposed by the elements when it was still here in the 1980's) I only recall seeing the blow off once in my life time it was truely spectacular. FYI Google Earth has higher than normal resolution imagery of the area.